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1. The appearance of the alarm clock adopts a cartoon design style. The eyebrows on the big eyes of the alarm clock can be rotated. When the eyebrows are turned, the expression will change accordingly.

2. The product has backlight and snooze functions. Short press the big eye of the alarm clock to turn on the alarm backlight for 4 seconds, and short press to enter the snooze mode when it rings.

3. Three groups of alarm clocks can be combined freely. The three alarm icons represent three groups of alarm clocks. When the number is on, it means that this group of alarm clocks is on. Not only can you select the alarm time, you can also select the week to display repeating alarms,

4. Long battery life, and real-time display of remaining power.



Packaging and parameters:
Big mouth alarm clock ×1
Manual ×1
Product name: Big mouth alarm clock (battery version)
Product model: BD-AC-03A
Product weight: 130g (without battery)
Product specifications: 120×76×97mm
Product material: ABS
Temperature range: -20°C—50°C (-4F°—122°F)
Clock error: ±18 seconds/month
Number of batteries: AA battery × 2
Product Features
Big mouth alarm clock (Bluetooth charging model): sound adjustment, countdown, night light timer, three groups of alarms, brightness adjustment, six alarms, temperature display, hourly time, scan code to check the time
Big mouth alarm clock (battery version): three groups of alarms, dididi alarm, temperature display, manual time synchronization

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.6 × 9.7 cm

Battery type, Bluetooth charging type


gray, yellow, red, blue


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