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Charge and use: You only need a charging cable when you go out. Whether it is a mobile power supply, a charger or a laptop, it can supplement the power of the fan.

Low wind loss: The Fibonacci sequence is the basis of many harmonious patterns in nature, also called the golden ratio. This principle is applied to the air duct of the turbofan to reduce the loss of the air duct. Using turbine strong wind technology, the vertical air duct technology converts the horizontal air duct into a vertical air duct at a right angle. The cool breeze is directly from bottom to top, forming a cool breeze wrapping area on the head, and the wind is concentrated to cool down quickly.

Comfortable to wear: The product adopts ergonomic design and a curve design that fits the neck, allowing users to wear comfortably. They can play games, chat, and enhance happiness while waiting for buses, shopping, traveling and other time. It has a sense of design while satisfying comfort. It is not obtrusive to wear on the body, but looks like a trendy item. It needs to be cool and stylish.

Energy saving and noise reduction: The product adopts brushless motor, reliable performance, long service life, low failure rate, vulgar and gentle, variable speed sliding, which can not only reduce the power loss during operation, but also low speed and smooth, variable speed sliding, reducing the sound during operation.



Product List:

1x fan

1x manual

1x packing box

1xUSB cable

Product parameter

Product name: “Fan” double hanging neck fan

Product model: F09

Input: 5V 1A (max)

Windshield: 3 gears

Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Product weight: about 192 g

Product size: 229x218x25mm

*Due to the display equipment and shooting light, the color please refer to the actual product!

*Product manual measurement, 1-3mm error is a normal phenomenon, please understand.

How to use:

1. Hang the fan around your neck with the button switch at the right shoulder position.

2. In the shutdown state, short press and the fan emits a gentle breeze.

3. In the shutdown state, press twice quickly, and the fan emits natural wind at this time.

4. In the shutdown state, press three times quickly, and the fan will emit strong wind.

5. There are three fan positions, any working state, long press the switch to shut down.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 2.5 × 21.8 cm

cherry falling pink, fluorescent green, dark night green, crescent white


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