Negative Ion Generator


●2-in-1 Plug In Air Purifier>>> Air purifier has a built-in ozone and negative ion generator. Ozone has a strong oxidative decomposition ability, and negative ions can absorb dust. The combination of these two functions can effectively eliminate pet odor, secondhand smoke and kitchen oil fume, allowing you to enjoy natural fresh air at home.
●Ozone Deodorization Function>>> The ozone generator can achieve the purpose of comprehensive and efficient cleaning by short-term releasing low-concentration O₃. O₃ has strong permeability, diffusibility and decomposition ability, which can effectively eliminate harmful substances and smells in the air.
●Anion Purification Function>>> The negative ion generator can produce anion, combine with the dust that are positive ions in the air and sink to the ground, avoiding the danger of inhaling floating objects. And achieve the removal of cigarette smoke, oil fume and other particles matter. Effectively refresh the air and improve the quality of sleep.
●Two Modes of touch adjustment>>> Freely choose the purification mode according to your needs. Green light, negative ionizer air purifier timing Cycle mode; Blue light, ozone generator timing mode. Low power can be widely used in house, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cloakroom, closet, garage, hotel, office and other small rooms.
●Low Noise, Eco-Friendly & Healthy>>> This filter-free air cleaner saves you from replacing expensive accessories, just plug in for immediate work. ozone can be decomposed into oxygen in the normal environment, which will not cause secondary pollution. Silent design below 30dB allows you to enjoy forest-like air in a comfortable sleep.


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