How to build a dropshipping store from scratch


Place of Origin:China
Model Number:liuyu330
Required Agent Type:dropshipping  searve
Agent Number Limit:100
Agency Fee:$0.01
Destination:all over the world
Carrier:varies forwarders


What should I do to open a dropshipping store that earns thousands of dollars a day from scratch?│aliexpress dropshipping│alibaba dropshipping
In summary, there are the following four points. The first is to choose a good product, the second is to decorate your store, the third is marketing, and the fourth is orders and supply chain.
The first is the product, preferably the award-winning product. It has its unique selling points. You can look at the recent trends on facebook and instagram. If a product advertisement gets a lot of comments and likes, people are crazy about it, which is a good sign . As long as you do something a little better than him, you can compete with him. The types of products I like are those that can be sold to the general public. I don’t like niche products, which are destined to not sell big. For example, if we choose some products that are only designed for women, their price needs to be at least three times the cost, because you need to ship them to your customers. If the product is purchased in China or other countries, the price needs to be higher, because the transportation cost is also a big expense.
The second is to decorate the shop. This is very simple. If it is a shopify shop, just find the corresponding template. It is a foolish operation. But you have to perfect the details, such as the contact us interface, and the payment interface, etc., to make people feel that this is a reliable merchant.
Once you have a product and an effective advertisement, you can make thousands of dollars or more every day in just a few weeks. If you don’t open advertisements, it will be much harder to achieve such sales. We must first learn how to make video ads for the product. Of course, if you don’t want to learn how to make it, you can also spend money to ask someone to make it. I generally use a low-budget strategy to add text after editing other people’s videos. You have to make sure that the content of the video ad is correct, and there are no spelling errors or strange reductions. After finishing, you need to create a facebook page and instagram page, and then create your advertising account, so that you can start advertising. Advertisements are generally opened in three to five ad groups, targeted at different types of people, so that there can be a comparison. In this way, compare several sets of data after two days of advertising. If one of them performs well, then congratulations. You can increase investment in this group and continue to optimize this ad group.
The last is the order and the supply chain. This is actually the most difficult and time-consuming. At the beginning, when the order quantity is small, you may think that there is nothing. If the quantity is slightly larger, if the supplier is out of stock, the delivery is not timely, and the quality These problems have a great impact on the store. Here we have a method, which is to delegate operations to others. There is a teacher Liu in China who has been in this business for several years. His team can help you purchase products, label, repackage, inspect goods, warehousing, etc., which can be said to be a one-stop service. Teacher Liu has been doing this for five or six years, and recently he also opened a shop in Alibaba. The website is Everyone can contact them, the fee is very low, and what they value is long-term cooperation.


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