How dropshipping finds suppliers


Place of Origin:China
Model Number:liuyu330
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Destination:all over the world
Carrier:varies forwarders


Because some users think that I want to do dropshipping or shopify, but when it comes to shipping timeliness, some users may think that the domestic shipping timeliness will be too long. At this time, you may wonder if there is a way to find some overseas suppliers. In fact, I introduced spocket to you in the previous course, because there are many overseas suppliers on this spocket. For example, such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, but the more functions of this plug-in actually require payment. If you want to find some overseas suppliers, then you can use this spocket. Many sources may have already screened for you.
Let me share with you how to find some overseas suppliers on Aliexpress. Many people will think that it is very simple. I will screen it directly, but there are actually many suppliers on the AliExpress platform. In the end, you will find that you have purchased and paid, but you will find that many goods do not seem to be shipped from the United States. Many times you will find that these goods are still transported from China.
Today, I want to share with you how to identify these suppliers who actually ship from overseas on AliExpress, or are they actually giving you a guise, and the final transportation is still from China. Then I will search for a product on AliExpress now
For example, I open this AliExpress and search for a product of neck massage on the AliExpress platform. For example, if I search directly, you will see more than 90,000 search results in the search results. It may be that there are nearly 90,000 products related to this neck massage. There is a shipping from including Free Shipping and Free Return on the right. You will see that in this shipping from section, it has three shipping locations for this product. Can choose, Turkey, the United States.
For example, I want to sell this neck massage product now, so I will filter it now. For example, I want to select some sellers that can be shipped from the United States, and then you will see the search results become 1912 search results. It means that there may only be more than 1,000 sellers that can provide this kind of service from the United States, but it cannot be said that these sellers are really all shipped from the United States.
However, although many sellers have added the option of shipping from, it does not mean that they actually shipped from the United States in the end. How do you screen whether the seller actually shipped from the United States in the end? Although the option is to ship from the United States, how do you screen it?
First of all, the first point is that you can directly contact the seller. You can ask him for some logistics order numbers shipped from the United States in the last half a month or even more than a month. If the logistics order number is really from the United States Shipped, I think the seller will probably give it to you. If not, I am afraid he will not provide you with any logistics tracking number, so this logistics tracking number is actually a more favorable evidence
Because some sellers do not communicate with him now, but order directly. In the end, you will find that the shipping place indicated by the logistics order number may not be the United States. Of course, in addition to the logistics order number, you can also observe what logistics the seller uses, and then estimate the delivery time. Some sellers will write very clearly on the shipping method. For example, if this product is shipped from the United States, the USPS is used. The supplier should really be in the United States. If you don’t tell you the approximate estimated shipping time, then I don’t think it might actually be shipped from the United States as shown in the link above. Then you can check the reviews of other users. You will see that some seller reviews basically do not have any meaningful text on them. I am afraid that the authenticity of these reviews has yet to be tested. You will also see that some sellers will talk about the shipping time, from here we can get some useful information.
It can be said that if you are just beginning to contact AliExpress dropshipping, then it must be a detour for a while. It is impossible to find high-quality suppliers at the beginning, especially if you want to be a grocery store. This is even more difficult because you have to deal with too many products and suppliers. If there are problems with several suppliers, that’s right. Your shop has a huge impact. Then we recommend contacting this Chinese service provider. His name is Mr. Liu. He has been specializing in dropshipping services for five or six years, and he specializes in purchasing and selling products for foreign customers in China. Unlike AliExpress, there is no guarantee of timeliness. Mr. Liu has more than 300 high-quality suppliers. You can also ask Mr. Liu to help you purchase any products you want according to your needs. From the product pictures, we can see the general process. You can contact Teacher Liu’s email:


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