Invisible shaping leggings,Weight-bearing bracelet,Portzon


Skin-friendly texture:The main body of the product is made of silicone resin, which is comfortable to wear. The elastic elastic band can be adjusted, and the self-adaptive adjustment of disassembly. At the same time, the silicone resin skin is effectively waterproof to meet more exercise needs.

Free size:Unisex, suitable for beginners, suitable for exercise on wrists and ankles.

Efficient exercise: suitable for running, boxing, yoga, Pilates, dancing, mountaineering and daily life.

Colorful color matching: multiple choices, sports, wear as you want out of the street, both appearance and function, each weighs 500 grams, and can be used as a load ring for accessories.



Product parameter

Name: Weight-bearing energy ring

Material: Steel/Silicone

Application: running/yoga/dancing, etc.

Color: light blue, lavender, pink, navy, yellow, gray, red, matcha green, milky white, turquoise green, carbon black, camel

Weight: 500g * 2

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

watermelon red, gouache, carbon black, cement gray, turquoise green


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