car fragrance diffuser,hello kitty pilot car aromatherapy


Natural plant fragrances: use essential oil fragrant tablets (PE) to diffuse the fragrance, which is quick to replace, safe to use, and lasts for a long time. Cologne (lucent flavor) and ocean (light and elegant) two kinds of spices are suitable for different people.

Simple installation: the magnetic top cover can be disassembled and assembled in one second, which is convenient and quick.

A tribute to the classics and dream flying: HELLOKITTY’s classic shape, combined with the elements of retro airplanes, will be nostalgic and romantic, and carry out a cute and interesting new interpretation. It satisfies the function of diffusing, and can be rotated at the same time to increase the interest.



Instructions for use:

A. Uncover the top cover of the product

B. Take a piece of fragrant slice into the body

C. Insert the Hello Kitty fragrance into the air outlet of the car


packing list:



Aroma Diffuser×2



Product parameter

Product name: Hello Kitty car aromatherapy

Main color: pink

Product model: X01-A

Product material: ABS/PP

Body size: 62×60×53mm

Production company: Shenzhen Harco Electronics Co., Ltd.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6 × 5.3 cm

HELLO KITTY car fragrance, pilot car fragrance, a box of 6 replacement fragrance tablets (marine fragrance), a box of 6 replacement fragrance tablets (cologne fragrance)


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