Hamster Cat Scratcher Interactive Toy Wear-Resistant Multi-Function Box


●High-density corrugated paper, using scratch-resistant cat scratching board, the cat’s scratching feeling is more comfortable, and the use time is longer.●Combine cat scratching board, funny cat stick, and hamster in one box, interact with pets and warm up feelings.
●The bracket is made of solid wood, polished smoothly, removes barbs, does not hurt the cat, and the cat design is more intimate.The shell is made of cute color-printed cardboard, which is durable, simple and light.
●The rubber hamster is tightly pasted, and the demolition player is not afraid of it. It is resistant to scratching, biting and not easy to break.


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Game Meow Toy Box + Shake Shake (Shake Shake is shipped randomly), Di Di Le


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